Is spam winning?

I received the following text message today:

Due to a new legislation, those struggling with debt can now apply to have it written off. For free information reply INFO or to opt-out text stop. Free text!

Now, I don’t get a lot of text messages, so I’m pretty excited when I do. To then find it’s something so sinister as this, well, frankly I’m irked. Yes, irked.

And when I’m irked, I want to do something about it! But I’ve been advised in these cases that the best course of action is zen-like ignorance – apparently any response, whether you opt-out or reply with a vitriolic and abusive tirade, will only lead to further spam and even potential cost. Sadly, I’m not good at being ignorant.

Is spam winning?

So what can I do? Well, I can blog and tweet about it. The Internet is a great listener. I can rant and rave online and maybe even get some sympathy and empathy and ideas for revenge. Regarding this last point, I’m not willing to do anything I could get arrested or deported for, but if you know of any way in which I could ‘hurt’ whoever is sending me these spam messages I’m all ears.

But too many people for my liking say things like ‘It’s just the way things are…’ and ‘There’s nothing you can do about it so why bother…’ Who are you and are you aware someone has castrated you in your sleep, metaphorically speaking.

Claim what you’re owed for that accident you had

I expect we’re all familiar with the ever-popular ‘You haven’t yet claimed the £3750 you are entitled to as a result of that accident you had’ message, which I received about 20 times over the course of a few months. I even received a slightly abridged reminder version: ‘You still haven’t claimed…’

Anyway, I’ve worked most of the irk out of my system in writing these paragraphs, which is good for the blood pressure and the further productivity of the day, but I’m not sure that’s satisfaction that I’m feeling. It’s more a hollow sense of impotence and surrender, a realisation that this evil exists and there is nothing that I can do about it.

I received this notification from this number: +44 77 4334 8438. All advice will be considered and any justice swiftly administered.


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