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We like to support music and musicians around here. That’s why we go to obscure concerts and gigs, why we dig around for interesting sounds, and why we still actually pay for music. But we don’t mind if every now and then someone gives something away for free.

So, Bright Eyes, when we found your entire ‘The People’s Key’ album on YouTube, you went up in our estimations, yes you did.

Special mention should be made of how they manage to rhyme with orange in ‘The Ladder Song’, but the album is #winning from start to finish.

Short, unqualified and unhelpful review

‘If there is no such thing as time, you’re already there, and you’re controlling the cycle.’

That’s from the narrator, who pipes up before and between songs. His reading is lyrical in itself, and his voice is certainly made for listening to. What he says is rambling, I like to think intentionally so, but he gives the album a pleasant theme throughout and just makes it interesting to listen a little closer to.

I’m completely unqualified to comment on the musical quality of the album. I describe music with words like ‘nice’, ‘great’, ‘cool’ and ‘not my scene’. I’d immediately attach the first three to ‘The People’s Key’, and I hope you give it a listen because it deserves it, and so do you.

The video is, well, you’d have to say it’s low budget. It’s like they knew we were just going to play the song in the background while we write our emails and spread our excel sheets around. The dog delivers an amusing cameo, admittedly, and kudos to the dude who’s clearly past caring about his bald spot.

Backwards thinking

So why did Bright Eyes put their album up on YouTube, where we and more than 180,000 others like us can listen to it for free? I don’t know, you’d have to ask them. But we thank them for doing it and hope they earned many new fans and sold a few CDs for their troubles.


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