Chris Martin batting facts

Chris Martin…


…has scored more Test runs than any other batsman with a Test average of less than 3.

…has the highest score (12*) of all batsmen with a Test average of less than 3.

…has a better batting average than 117 other Test cricketers.

…once recorded 9 consecutive scores of 0 in Tests: 0*, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0*, 0, 0, 0.

…has only been dismissed in half of his Test innings (52 of 104).

…has been not out more often than all but 3 Test cricketers ever.

…has batted 10 times against Sri Lanka in Tests and never been dismissed.

…has scored a duck against 7 of the other 9 Test playing nations.

…has made at least one duck every year that he’s played Test cricket.

…has scored more ducks than anybody who has played Test cricket (except CA Walsh).


…has never been out stumped in a Test match.

…has never lost a Test match in which he has scored double figures.

…has never batted for more than 37 minutes in a single innings.

…averaged 12 after his first 2 Test innings.

…has batted at 10 on 4 occasions in Tests; each time because of an injured team mate.

[Updated: 5 January 2013]


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