Why is Apple trying so hard to sell iPods?


Suddenly I see TV commercials and tube station takeovers specifically trying to get me to buy an iPod. And my immediate reaction is:

Just accept that you’ve invented the iPod out of the market by making the iPhone so clever.

But I figure I owe it to Apple to assume that they’re neither dumb nor desperate enough to flog an obsolete relic. So I’m speculating (because I’m too lazy to find and crunch the data):

  • Maybe the growth of the smartphone market means Apple isn’t selling as many iPhones as they used to…
  • So they’ve looked to their other products and identified that the iPod is still the dominant (only?) name in the music player market…
  • And they figure there’s enough Apple love (guilt) out there that even though we’re buying the Galaxy S3 instead of the iPhone 5, we still want to own an iSomething.

Because Apple is still cool.

Again, I suspect Apple has a Keynote presentation full of justification for this iPod campaign, and who am I to argue with the ghost of Steve Jobs? I just found it interesting.

Watch the ad. Don’t buy an iPod.


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