A sonnet that I wrote

I think it was the autumn of 2009 that I saw Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost performed at London’s Globe theatre. I enjoyed it. So much so that I tried to write about it. The shorter the better, I say. And even better if it rhymes.

A sonnet

To play on words is play to play’s delight;
And many much of such are to be found
Combined in entertainment of the night,
At Shakespeare’s Globe all standing on the ground.

In autumn air all still and fair and fine
Once came a night of fantasy and fun.
Love’s Labour’s Lost delivered to the line,
To smiling, laughing, loving every one.

Mine own enjoyment, were it given voice,
Would hum of smiling suns and dancing stars
An air so sweet in tune as to rejoice
Without a word required between the bars.

For words when played upon on stage are best
As nights enjoyed beneath them do attest.

I also wasted several more words than these on a full-bodied review of Love’s Labour’s Lost. For what it’s worth, it’s here.


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