Everyone loves animated GIFs

The graphics interchange format (GIF) was born in 1987, which means that, like 94% of current international athletes, it is younger than me.


But that’s cool, because animated GIFs are cool. Or so I have to assume based on their continued popularity even in the age of smartphones and catch-up TV.

Me, I like to think I can take animated GIFs just as easily as I can leave them. Every now and then I concede that one is hilarious, every then and now I kill some time hitting the random button at replygif.net, but mostly they’re overrated.

And yet here I am writing about them.


I can’t help it. I say I hate them, I say I don’t like them, I say I’m indifferent, and I say what’s an animated GIF? But deep down I know I could watch them all day. Even the cute ones.

I especially hate the cute ones.


I’m going to justify this gratuitous GIFfing by assuming that at least I taught you what GIF stands for. Do you remember? Me neither. It’s at the top of the page, I think.

For extra credit, here are 50 animated GIFs from last week’s Shirk Report, and 50 more from the week before. Nobody loves animated GIFs like Twisted Sifter does. Not even me.


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