Surely 11 putts into one hole is better than nine?

There’s a YouTube clip doing the rounds at the moment showing nine guys putting nine balls into one hole. It’s had more than half a million views.

It’s an impressive achievement, and a wonderful illustration of the time and effort that men are willing to put into achieving something absolutely pointless.

And like any good Internet phenomenon, it now has copycats. Sort of. For example, here are 11 men putting 11 balls into one hole.

The eagle-eyed will be quick to point out that the hole in the second clip is about the size of a tractor tyre, and that’s what makes nine better than 11.

Who are these nine great men (and 11 cheats)?

All 20 of these guys are in the PGA Golf Management program at Campbell University. The nine are from the Senior Class, the 11 are Freshman, and they were all trying to win the CU PGM January competition: get as many guys to sink as many balls as possible in one hole.

11 beats nine as sure as rock beats scissors, but CU gave the title to the Seniors because they used a regulation hole. And to the victors go the spoils – 840,000 views and counting.


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