The “Cricket on SuperSport” drinking game

Make cricket more interesting by playing this drinking game with the SuperSport cricket commentators. Usual responsible drinking warnings apply.


Have a drink whenever:

Mike Haysman…

…realises he’s been an idiot and says “Correction…”
…talks about the “Kookaburra Express”.
…mentions his soapbox. Double if he gets up on it anyway.

Kepler Wessels…

…talks about “weight transfer”.
…tries to say “series” but says “serious” instead.

Pommie Mbangwa…

…tries to explain himself out of a corner with “And I say that because…”
…starts sounding like he’s trying to be Mark Nicholas.
…alerts us to the fact that he’s about to tell us something by saying, “I tell you what…”

Shaun Pollock…

…makes up a word, either intentionally or by accident.
…tries to make a joke about how old the other commentator is. You’re turning 40 this year, Shaun. You played with Clive Rice.


…refers to “the amber nectar”. It’s beer, say “beer”.
…mentions that Robin Peterson can throw with both hands. We know, guys, we know.

A cameraman…

…zooms in on a pretty girl. Provided she’s over 18 years of age.
…waves because it’s his birthday. You do a great job, guys, but we don’t care.

Extra level


Advanced drinkers can activate the Paul Harris level and have a drink whenever the former spinner says “Um”.

Please don’t try this unless you’ve been drinking excessively for at least 15 years. Or you’re Australian.

Did I miss anything?

If I missed any quirks or funny habits, please let me know and I’ll add to the game. I suspect there’s enough here already to get mighty hammered by lunchtime, but more is more.


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