How good is your geography?

Geography. Some people are very bad at it. And I don’t just mean Americans.

It’s the sort of thing that’s easy if you’re interested. If you like travelling, if you’re generally curious, then you probably know where Angel Falls is. Because you asked someone, or you Googled it, or maybe you’ve been.

What infuriates me most is how it seems OK to be ignorant. “My geography is really bad, lol.” It’s easier than ever to travel these days (though not necessarily cheaper), and you can virtually visit just about anywhere online.

So how good is your geography? Probably quite good. Very good? Here are two fun ways to prove it.

The Traveler IQ Challenge

Have some fun pin-pointing world capitals, cities and significant locations across easy, medium and hard levels. Spoiler alert: Russia can be a real bitch.


It’s a fun and revealing game, and it can get quite addictive if you’re the competitive sort. So give it a go, but just the once, and then go book a holiday somewhere new.

For your interest and inspiration, I failed at Level 11 (of 12), with a total score of 459,044.



Apply your detective skills to your geography knowledge with this simple Google Street View application:

You get five street views – you can zoom in and out, drag up, down and around, and zoom in on the map for a more precise prediction – and all you have to do is figure out where in the world you are. Spoiler alert: Australia can be costly.

For your amusement and motivation, I scored 8687 points, and my map looked a little something like this.


“It’s a mysterious world, Ed, and I’m a curious man.” – Mike


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