The temple cave of Batu vs Facebook

The Twisted Sifter is one of my favourite ways to kill a bit of time, and I had to laugh and wonder when I saw these two Images of the Day posted consecutively.

This is the temple cave of Batu, a Hindu shrine in Malaysia, where Hindus have been celebrating the Thaipusam festival since the 19th century.


And this is Facebook’s data centre on the edge of the Arctic circle, opened in June 2013.


I laughed because they felt like the two most opposite things in the world: a beautiful, natural scene enhanced by man’s artistic endeavour for the purpose of peaceful worship, and a soulless, manufactured machine, designed to make money and invade our privacy.

And then I wondered whether future generations will be looking at Facebook’s data centre, maybe 200 years from now, with the same awe and nostalgia that I look at the Batu caves. Because all those wires and lights are just so quaint and pretty, in an uncivilised way.


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