The most corrupt countries in the world

Look away, Africa, because eight of the 10 most corrupt countries in the world are in you.

Transparency International has a thing called a Global Corruption Barometer, and the 2013 edition asked a simple question to about 1000 people in 107 countries, to get a very basic idea of corruption levels and perceptions around the world.


The question was ‘Have you paid a bribe?’ And the list of countries with the highest percentage of people that said ‘Yes’ looks like this.

Country % Yes
Sierra Leone 84%
Liberia 75%
Yemen 74%
Kenya 70%
Cameroon 62%
Libya 62%
Mozambique 62%
Zimbabwe 62%
Uganda 61%
Cambodia 57%

Obviously this is an incredibly basic assessment, but it’s interesting and worthwhile nonetheless. And it’s probably not too dissimilar to the most comprehensive corruption survey you could conduct.

In fact, here is a comprehensive corruption report from 2012. And indeed nine of our terrible 10 are in the bottom quarter – only Liberia seems to have been treated unfairly by the have you / haven’t you survey.

At the other end of the moral scale there’s less regional dominance, with representatives from Asia, Europe, Australasia, South America and North America all reporting 3% or lower. I’m afraid it doesn’t look good, Africa, it doesn’t look good.

The world average is 27% and you can find your country here if you’re curious. Or leave your country and Yes / No in the comments and I’ll look it up for you. Me? South Africa, and No.



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