“Mr Fitness” Gary Player talks about himself (nude)

I make fun of Gary Player because he seems to take everything so seriously. Especially himself. And also because, with some of the quotes he serves up, it’s very easy. Like:

“Professional golf players said Gary Player’s a nut, you can’t do weight training! But who’s the nut? They’re the nuts, because at my age, they’re dead! I’m just beginning, man.”


For the record, and without doubt, Gary Player was a great golfer and is a great champion. Whichever way you look at it, he is worthy of that word. He’s just a bit crazy as well.

Gary gets naked, grannies swoon

Like this year, Gary Player posed nude in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, a legitimate mag celebrating the bodies of various sporting stars (not just the pretty ones). I wonder if sales saw an unexpected spike among 60 – 90 year olds.

Here’s a video from the ESPN shoot about Gary Player talking about himself, including: “I’ll show you what I can do with my body at 77. And very few people in the world can do it.” And, slapping himself on the stomach (I hope): “I mean this, is like a piece of wood.”

Remember how, as kids, we used to tear out pages from sports magazines to stick our heroes up on our walls? It sends shivers through my bones to imagine that little old ladies in retirement homes are now doing the same.


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