The Alternative Rugby Review | Argentina v NZ

This is not the place to find who won, who scored, or who played well. This is what I thought of what I saw, mostly useless information, and why the refs and commentators were sh1t.

What does field sponsor Personal actually do, does eating Argentinian steak really count as cultural immersion, and who made little Nicolás Sánchez look like old Mike Catt?


Argentina v New Zealand | 28 September 2013

The main field sponsor in La Plata is a company called Personal. I think they’re somehow involved in telecoms in Argentina.


But in the UK, there’s a company called Personal Vending that sells and installs those vending machines you find in public bathrooms. You know, the ones that stock c0ndoms, tamp0ns and other personal hygiene items. That’s unfortunate.

Commentator Justin Marshall told us that the All Blacks had really been going out of their way to immerse themselves in Argentinian culture “by going to restaurants”. Yes Justin, because eating out at Argentinian steak houses is a real chore.


The little Argentinian flyhalf Nicolás Sánchez was great on defence all day, right up until the 79th minute when Ben Smith (not-massive Ben Smith) absolutely Jonah Lomu’ed him.

No Super Rugby side wants to sign Ma’a Nonu for next season, and I don’t blame them. He’s been sh1t all season, and I’ve been calling him so for all that time. So it really pissed me off when he laid on two perfect pass assists.

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