This is what cameras on helmets were made for

There have always been crazy people, but there haven’t always been video cameras. And it’s only recently that these cameras have become small enough for the crazy people to show the rest of us what they get up to.

Like this guy, who clearly doesn’t know what fear feels like.

It’s what cameras on helmets were made for. It doesn’t make me want to do it, but I’m perfectly happy to watch somebody else.


Swimming on a great white shark

Ocean Ramsey went for a swim with a great white shark. No cage, no chainmail suit, no fear.


As far as I can tell, Ocean is her real name. She’s from Hawaii, so that makes sense. But she spends more time beneath the waves than on them, and has a soft spot for sharks.

About Ocean Ramsey:

  • She’s a shark conservationist in Hawaii
  • She can hold her breath under water for 5 minutes 45 seconds
  • She’s bat-shit crazy

Didn’t take any chances

It looks like a crazy stunt, but Ramsey is serious about sharks and their protection, so she did everything in her control to make it a safe experience for her, her team and the animals.

For example, she can hold her breath for more than five minutes and regulate her heart rate. This means she presents a very calm figure floating through the water, with no air bubbles or sudden movements to alarm the sharks.

The team also spent time monitoring the sharks – are they calm, or are they hungry – and tried to build trust with the animals just by being calm in their presence.

Quite spectacular stuff, and hopefully another step towards educating people about sharks.

Two last things

This video was shot by HD camera company GoPro. Pretty cool, if that’s what you’re into.

And don’t try this at home. Obviously.