The best voicemail message ever

This is the funniest and best thing you will hear on the Internet this week. 

Our hero is just your average guy, late for work, leaving an apologetic voicemail message for his boss. Until one car crashes into another car in front of him and his message turns into the best blow-by-blow commentary ever delivered.

Key words: old ladies, pepper spray, bible, beat-down, badam badam!

Seriously, get comfortable. You need three minutes and nobody around who is going to mind you laughing and possibly crying hysterically.

Good Internet, good boy.

Some facts, as best as I can gather:

  • This happened in 2005
  • The recording gets recirculated on radio and the Internet every few years
  • The message is real, the details of the incident are unconfirmed
  • I first heard this recording this week at
  • Thanks to @tidman for sharing